Property Cities

When you create a new property, you have to insert detail informations to locate your new property. These informations are property attributes that you can manage in the Properties panel.
From WP dashboard, navigate to Properties → Property Cities to manage Property Cities.

Manage Property Cities in the backend

  • 1. Name: insert the name for your property city.
  • 2. Slug: insert the slug for your property city (optional)
  • 3. Description: insert the description for your property city.
  • 4. Taxonomy Setting: select the Province/State that the property city belong to.
  • 5. When category is ready, please click on button Add New Property City

Property Cities on the frontend will look like this:

Property Cities in Property details information on the frontend

Please consult our video guide on Add New Property Attributes (Property Types, Property Labels, Neighborhood…).

Video guide on How admin Add New Property Attributes (Property Types, Property Labels, Neighborhood…)