Google Maps shows error ‘For development purposes only’

To Google Map working normal with ERE plugin or Beyot/Benaa/Fuzdo theme, your Google Map API need adapt 2 conditions below:
A. If you come to this article, you might get the watermarked maps like the following screenshot on your site:

Google Maps displays the error on the backend

Google Maps displays the error on the frontend

Because from July 16, 2018, Google Maps is no longer free, now you are responsible for your personal Google Maps API key. It means that you have to associate to your billing data, so that you can get billed if your site has requests that exceed the $200 credit they give you monthly for free (Google provides free plan for 28 000 map requests and 40 000 direction calls per month, normally, this would be enough for the majority of our customers) For more information, you could consult the price here:

If your previous Google Maps API key was created before this change, we strongly recommend to create your new personal Google Maps API (Register for a Google Maps API Key here) and associate a credit card.

In case if you haven’t made any changes in your Google Maps account, your map might be errors and stop working in future.

This big change is not under our control so there’s no special update for it. All you need to do is to make sure that you have valid Google Maps API key.

Once you create a key for your website, copy the key and enter it into Dashboard -> Essential Real Estate -> Real Estate Options -> Google Maps > Google Maps API KEY

Insert your Google Maps API KEY

In case if you used keys from ERE plugin demo data, please do create your own Google Maps API key because all those keys will be not valid any longer. Hopefully that you could be sympathetic and aware of this serious change.

B. Google Account have to:

  1. Filling Billing(credit/debit card) information.
  2. Your API have to enable 5 API below:
  3. Create at least 2 API in your list, look like:

If done all but still error, please contact with us via help desk at
for Premium Theme support.
Thank you!