Property Search Map

Property Searchs Map shortcode allows you to show the search form beside of map as the screen shot here:

Before displaying the property items in Property module, you need to create properties in the corresponding section of the admin panel. Check the Property management  section of the knowledge base for more information.

There are a variety of options available with each Shortcode in ERE and are integrated smoothy with WP Bakery Page Builder plugin. These screenshots of this shortcode below are captured in Visual Composer platform. You can consult our online documentation for more details on how ERE shortcode workflow.

  • Show status tab – Check this box to show Property status filter on the top of search field.
  • Search Fields – Specify which search field to be displayed on the frontend by checking the box beside of availabel search fields list.
  • Items Amount – set the items amount for the property items to display on your site.
  • Extra class name – enter our own unique class name for the item – this is a useful option for those who want to create a specific style. E.g.: you can type custom-style class and then go to Theme options -> Custom CSS & Script -> Custom CSS field and write your own CSS code with this class to get your own style.

How to add Property Search Map shortcode on your archive page if your theme does not have WP Bakery Page Buider plugin.

Some themes may not install WP Bakery Page Builder (Visual Composer) plugin. Not to worry you are still able to add Property Search Map shortcode to your listing archive pages easily by using Add ERE Real Estate Shortcode button above of the editor.

Once shortcode options are setup, there are the shortcode parameters of Property Search Map will be shown on the editor. E.g:

[ere_property_search_map show_status_tab=”true” status_enable=”true” type_enable=”true” title_enable=”true” address_enable=”true” country_enable=”false” state_enable=”false” city_enable=”false” neighborhood_enable=”false” bedrooms_enable=”false” bathrooms_enable=”false” price_enable=”true” price_is_slider=”false” area_enable=”false” land_area_enable=”false” label_enable=”false” garage_enable=”false” property_identity_enable=”false” other_features_enable=”false” show_advanced_search_btn=”false” item_amount=”18″ el_class=””]