Genaral Options

Go to Essential Real Estate –> Real Estate Options –> General Options
General Options panel has general options for setting on frontend (pls read infomation below each option for more details).

Genaral Options in Real Estate Options

Attribute Description
Enable RTL mode Enable/Disable RTL Mode. RTL means Right-to-left and in the web context, it support of languages that are written from right to left.
Country Select default country for all options on website
Currency Code Insert the currency code that you want to use. Ex: USD
Language for datepicker Setting language for datepicker area that you could see in My Invoices page on the frontend like this:

Measurement units Select measurement unit for real estate. Ex: meter, feet..
Print Logo Set Logo for print pages. Ex: print invoice page.
Print Logo Size Insert print logo size (“thumbnail” or “full”). Alternatively enter size in pixels. Ex: 100×100, 200×100, 200×200 (without unit, space).
Enable Mini File JS Enable/Disable Mini File JS.
Enable Mini File CSS Enable/Disable Mini File CSS.