Main Features

Get all premium features in one FREE plugin

ERE is designed to works great with all responsive WordPress themes and looks great from small resolutions to large displays


With comprehensive documentation and detailed video guides and the core set of powerful features and options, you can reate the real estate you want.


ERE have not only included the core set of powerful features and option, but also tons of useful shortcodes


Enter your house address and Google Maps gives you hints in drop-down and finds location and Near Places as well.


There are 3 Paid Submission Types for user accounts that you can choose to setup: Free Submission, Pay Per Listing and Pay Per Package


There are 3 payment methods that for customers: Paypal, Stripe and Wire Transfer can be setup in the backend options

Manage via FRONTEND

Clients can register to your website and interact with system
Login - Register

Clients can create their own account by using the signup form or using social profiles. The administrator can setting User Account in Real Estate Options

Profile Management

After login to system, users can manage their properties, invoices, their favorite list, saved search, communicate with buyers, and more.

Register to become agent

Admin can allow users register to become an Agent (real estate broker)

Compare Properties

User can use this feature to compare between two or more properties based on their basic criterions.

Invoices Management

Users can view their invoices list and detailed invoice in their account profile, users can also print invoice from list

My Favorite List

Users can add any property to Favorite list, and get it out list by clicking on the star button in featured image of each property

Saved search

User can save their searchs on website and whenever it has new published properties that match to their saved search, user will receive an notification email.

Social Sharing

User can share any property to their social channels that have declared in their profile

Manage via BACKEND

Admin setup options and manage users, transaction logs, properties, attributes...
Property Attributes

Admin has permission to add new fields of a property attribute. The property can have unlimited number of features, statuses, types.. and users can choose them via frontend

Property Management

Administrator can add a new Property and also edit/view or delete any property from list. By setting Property in Real Estate Options, admin has permission to approve property before it is submitted.

Agent Management

By setting User Account in Real Estate Options, admin has permission to approve the users register as agent. Admin can add new, edit profile, delete an agent.

Invoices Management

Admin has permission to set invoice status from Not Paid to Paid after confirmed payment from user, administrator can also edit or view invoice from list

Real Estate Options

Admin setups all options in Real Estate Options to build own system such as Price Format, User account, payment...

Transactions Logs

Admin manages all transaction logs which the customer pays to system.

Package Management

By setting Paid Submission Types in Real Estate Options is Pay Per Package or others. Administrator can create a new package and edit, view or delete any package from list.

Agency Management

Agents can belong to an agency (company) and all agencies will be managed by admin Admin can add new, edit profile, delete an agency to manage agency list

Extra Widgets

Extra widgets are included in ERE Plugin

ERE Mortgage Calculator

Estimate your mortgage payment by enter the price of the home, your down payment, and detailed interest rate in % to calculate the home loan schedule.

ERE My Package

ERE My package widget suggest the users to buy packages or show informations of package if the users have had one already.

ERE Search Form

Your real estate website visitors will search properties by location, status, bathroom/bedroom number, price, size.

ERE Recent Properties

ERE Recent Properties allows you to display properties that have been published recently.

ERE Listing Property Taxonomy

Listing Property by taxonomy such as: Property Types, Property Status, Features, City, Label, Neighborhood, Country/State.

ERE Top Agents

Add ERE Top Agents that allows you to display top agents in your sidebar based on submited property number of agents.

ERE Login Menu

Login form or User account to help users manage their Account Profile


Easy to use, Friendly & Flexible with users, Powerful Features, Advanced Functions and so many shortcodes and templates.